June 9, 2008

Baby Steps

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Now that I’ve put my dream of writing in writing, it’s time to get to work.

In the short time since my dream became ‘public’, I have been offered the opportunity to write an interview-based article for a small Christian newspaper. Not ever having made the transition from interview to article, I think it will be an appropriate challenge to see if I have what it takes to make that leap from project idea to published journalist.

A friend commented about a blog of mine that lead me to an idea for an additional article, so I’m already making notes for an outline. Since the subject matter revolves around recent events in my own life, I think it will make an interesting essay. I hope someone else feels the same, preferably someone with the word ‘publisher’ or ‘editor’ somewhere in their job description!

I rarely do things ‘by the book’, rather, tend to rush off willy-nilly, but I realize that if I ever want to be published, I need to educate myself first. I’ve been researching online and my favorite tool thus far has been Absolute Write,  a gathering place for writers of every genre, at all levels of experience. This fast paced forum is chock full of knowledgeable and extremely helpful journalists, and after perusing the discussions just a few days, I already have dozens of other websites and books added to my list of ‘must haves’ for my virtual and physical reference libraries.

As I add to those lists and put them in some semblance of order, that will be the topic of another post here.